Long Narrow Living Room Decor Ideas

Long Narrow Living Room Decor Ideas

Long, narrow living-room (or family rooms) can be a duty to set out and also decorate, and also reside in. No one intends to seem like they’re amusing in a train carriage or seeing TELEVISION in a corridor. But with some design tweaks and also a couple of visual tricks up your sleeve, you can discover to like your lengthy room. Below are five ways to outline a long, slim living-room, plus some bonus offer pointers on how to truly rock the room.

1. Create Different Areas
Typically, long areas are a true blessing in disguise, since they can act as open-plan areas. Instead of having one larger-but-awkward living-room, why not create a smaller living area, plus a den, research study area, or breakfast nook?

In the sketch over, we have a conventional TELEVISION location (which you can create with a smaller couch to save area) inte, plus a relaxing den-like discussion space, complete with surrounding wall-to-wall shelfs to really mark the space. You can likewise area these different locations with carpets, lights and/or shade so it feels deliberate.

2. Alternating your Furnishings Groupings
Preferably, try to avoid having all your furniture on one side of the long wall surface. By alternating furnishings groups, as the space above does, it requires the traffic flow to tackle an “S” shape, and prevents half the space just seeming like a straight hallway. It’s a tricky way to ensure you really use even more of the room.

3. Set up Things Throughout the Room
When dealing with a long space, it’s finest to organize points cross-wise when feasible, which aesthetically presses the walls exterior, making the room appear larger.
Rather than one couch against the longer wall surface, the space over uses two shorter ones, placed width-wise in the area. This visually presses the wall surfaces external, a method that’s repeated with the console table behind the couch, as well as the lengthy bookshelf on the far wall surface.

4. Deal with the Center
Just because a room is long, doesn’t imply you need to load all of it with furnishings. The room over facilities the furniture arrangement between, leaving the sides as open, yet not dead, room. This functions specifically well in an in proportion area, when the furnishings can be centered around a window or fireplace.

5. Utilize an L-Shaped Couch
A proper corner sofa, even more so than one with a chaise, can really utilize the space in a lengthy space well. The area above uses one, as well as numerous of the various other tips above, to produce a functional format. Notice how the furnishings setup at the other end of the space (two chairs, a side table and also a console) imitate yet turn the shape of the sofa, as well.

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