Just How To Repaint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

How To Repaint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

Want to save time on a kitchen area update? Take into consideration painting your kitchen cabinets without needing to sand them first. Read our ideas to find out just how If you wish to provide your cabinets an immediate update, brand-new paint color is a very easy as well as cost-effective weekend Do It Yourself choice. To make the task go a little faster, you can manage without sanding the closets initially. It simply takes a little development.

preparation.Avoiding the sanding step is OK if you’re making an adjustment from one newly painted surface to an additional, or paint raw, unvarnished wood cabinets.If you do not intend to sand before you prime, make use of some mineral spirits and also a harsh sponge to clean and also gently rough up the cabinet location you’re painting. This does not open up the wood cabinet product as high as sanding yet does get you some added grippy area for the primer to abide by.Comply with these steps for repainting your cupboards without the added action of sanding them down first.

Step : 1

Purchase a cabinet paint kit. Great commercial kits consist of a de-glosser to get rid of any type of older coats of paint on existing cabinets. The de-glosser eliminates the requirement to sand or prime surfaces that are currently finished.

Step : 2

Make a representation of the cupboards, numbering each closet and also drawer front. Prior to you remove the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, tape the matching numbers to them.

Step : 3 With soap and water, clean as well as wipe clean cabinet doors, drawer fronts, as well as closet surface areas to be repainted, paying extra interest to greasy places.
Eliminate cupboard doors and cabinet fronts as well as remove any kind of bumpers.

Step: 4

When dealing with each door and drawer front, remove the number but maintain the tape nearby so you do not lose track of which door or cabinet front goes where.

Step: 5

Wearing gloves as well as making use of a combined pad, rub on the de-glosser liberally towards the grain; then wipe cupboards down. Make use of a damp dustcloth to clean the surface area. I make certain you have actually gotten rid of all the finish. Switch to a tidy, completely dry cloth and wipe the entire surface. The surface needs to currently be matte. more:

Step: 6

Let it emerge completely dry for regarding an hr.
See to it you’ve covered up off locations in the kitchen you don’t wish to get paint on.
Use bond layer with a 2″ synthetic brush towards the grain. (See to it to ravel any drips on edges prior to they dry.).
Use bond coat to closet frameworks.
Let the bond coat dry for 2 hours.
Apply 2nd layer as well as allow dry for concerning 2 hrs.
Apply final safety (poly) topcoat (this includes a little luster as well as some defense).
Allow dry for 12 hours.
Place hinges and drawer draws back on (or fasten new equipment) and also re-install closet as well as cabinet fronts.


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