How to Soundproof a Bedroom Door

How to Soundproof a Bedroom Door

Even though modern civilization has made life very comfortable, it certainly has its significant demerits too. Noise pollution is one of them. 

You are living in an apartment with high loud roommates? The apartment you live in is  very small and all noises come directly  into your bedroom.

There are a lot of ways to enter the sound in your bedroom like the awful sound condition of the road may cause you to wake up at night, noise problems may lie in the clouds. Just outside your bedroom may be noisy, your dog barking rustling outside, your teens commonly can blast their music at max volume, any sound may come in through the gap beneath your bedroom door etc.

By using a little creativity and a few household things, you can change your bedroom into heaven. You’ll learn some basics of soundproofing using which easily soundproof your bedroom cheaply or even for free.

There are some  easy ways to learn to soundproof your bedroom yourself

Use Door sweep and Weatherstripping

If your door is a highway kind of thing to enter for noise into your bedroom, simply closing it will not stop the whole noise coming through it most of the time. So, soundproofing your door is quite vital.

How can you soundproof your bedroom for free?

Hanging your blankets on your windows and door can help you. It may not be a good solution out there, but it still has sufficient impact required for your bedroom.

Hanging your blankets on your windows and door can help you. It may not be a good solution out there, but it still has sufficient impact required for your bedroom.

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You can do them work as expertly as phonetic barriers by choosing dense and thick blankets. Remember Coarse the blanket, good the noise ebb. So, wool blankets or moving blankets will best perfect this event.

Doors are very comparatively difficult to soundproof to you but you can follow  easy ways…. 

  • You put glue them to your bedroom door
  • You can install a veil holder for your door and to your blanket over there.
  • No using a door,you can nail the blanket to the surrounding bedroom wall

There are many bedrooms that make it unable to replace things like door. Here.we are going to tell you some ways to successfully soundproof a chamber that has cheap hollow door.

If the living room, dining room or kitchen room has tile or wood floors, the sound has no way of being sunk . The easiest way to do this is to  buy some very cheap rugs for the kitchen and big rugs for the living room or dining room. It will help sink the sound that can enter your bedroom.

More than there are some ways so that you can know how to soundproof a bedroom door

A sheet of solid sound sinking form or ¾ inch medium solidity  sound deadening fiberboard to cut to the size for a door you can a high develop. You can install it yourself without removing a big mess to repair when you go out of your room.  You need to attach the sheet of foam or fiberboard for your bedroom door to 4 wood screws. When  you install the foam on your door, then you put washers around the heads of the screws. These washers are needed so the screw heads remain on the top of the piece of foam.

Soundproof Air vents

You know that noise can prick through the smallest gaps. What if it is the main criminal, pricking everything from the other side of the wall? Can you do it without obstructing air ventilation?

Don’t worry about that, You can soundproof the vent without obstructing the airflow.

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Want to know How to soundproof a bedroom door. Here’s the form you want to build which will make both soundproofing and permit air ventilation simultaneously.

Using Acoustic paint for your walls

There’s an acoustic sound-deadening paint that will rapidly reduce the exterior noise by 30-40%.

It just works on the basis of the addition of mass to build it soundproof. This soundproof paint removes a heavy coating which will eat up the sound with skilly. Although it is called “Soundproof paint”, it will remove just more than 30% of the noise.

If you do not want to  put heavy things on your wall and want to have the best decoration as well, then this soundproof paint should be your good solution.

Where can we place the furniture?

Naturally, as per soundproofing laws, you can place the furniture contrary to the wall from which most of the noise is penetrating your bedroom. Ensure that you don’t unbalance the decor of your bedroom while placing. You can gray the sound using your home furniture such as chairs, sofas, dressing tables or even bookshelves. And on top of that, you can  also add a textured pillow to your sofa or chair that makes another layer of a soundproof buffer.

Making Rearrange the Room

Soundproofing doesn’t need to be a big expense, if you want easy ways. You can take a few steps to control bedroom noise without buying anything. Sometimes it is rearranging the furniture with an eye toward drying sound and stopping it from hitting your ears. One Useful strategy for blocking noise is to move a heavy dresser or bookcase to an outside-facing wall.

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There are many kinds of  products available on the market like acoustic panels, ceilings, wall absorbers, and more but I don’t know which one is suitable for soundproofing


If you’ve any kind of teenage neighbour who spends a lot of time speaking on the phone, you can request him/her to change his/her bed or wherever they meet more  on the opposite wall of your room.


In this lesson we have learned How to soundproof a bedroom door. You can expect 80% soundproofing using these cheap do-it-yourself solutions. Still, it should be more than suitable for you to have a peaceful sleep and peaceful night. And have a human living situation even if you’re living in the streets with dangerous night noise.

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