How To Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

How To Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

Reupholstering dining room chairs is a fantastic project for beginners because it does not call for numerous tools as well as no sewing is needed. You can reupholster eating chairs on your own, even if you aren’t very handy. If you can use a stapler, you can do this set

My dining-room chair paddings were two various materials, which I would describe as dirty mushroom and also brown. You can not inform but, I in fact picked brownish chair cushions twice in two various shades. What was I believing?

1.) Many dining-room cushions are screwed right into the chair base. Prior to you can recoup the cushion you will certainly require to remove the cushion from the chair. I such as to transform my chairs upside down on the table to loosen them.

2.) Get rid of the existing textile, unless you are covering a light textile with something much darker. For me this suggested prying out 50+ staples with a screw chauffeur as well as a set of pliers. Your chairs might have a pushed timber seat. If so, you could seem like you are getting rid of staples from concrete. It can take a lot longer to remove the old fabric than it does to place on the brand-new.

3.) Utilize the material you remove as a pattern for cutting out your brand-new fabric. Lay your textile on a flat surface area and also put the old seat cover on top of the new fabric so you recognize precisely how huge to reduce the brand-new fabric. If the new textile has a pattern, make sure the pattern is also and also running the direction you desire before you reduce your material.

4.) Tape the textile on your chair prior to you start stapling. This is a non-permanent way to make certain the pattern is straight. If your fabric is striped or flower (or has any kind of pattern) you will wish to make sure the stripes look straight or that the pattern repeat looks appropriate before stapling. The tape doesn’t require to be anything that will certainly be long lasting, it is simply a guide before you begin stapling.

5.) Staple the fabric to the chair. It works well to have two people since someone can draw the material limited and also someone can staple. The staples on my chair would not go all the way into the timber, so I needed to hammer a few of them in all the methods. Put 2 staples minimum on each side initially and after that go back about as well as add one every couple of inches.

Corners are a tricky area. You might need to remove some excess fabric on the corners to get them to lay flat. It resembles covering a bundle. There are no one best means to do it, just maintain drawing as well as folding as well as a staple when you get it right into a placement you like.

6.) Screw the paddings back into the chair base. If your chairs are like mine, tag each padding as well as a base before you begin so you connect the right padding to the best chair base. The screw holes in my chairs were in different places from one chair to the following. There was no uniformity. Unfortunately, I didn’t mark them so there was no chance to inform which cushion belonged on which chair base.

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