How to Replace Outdoor Faucet

How to Replace Outdoor Faucet

A frost-free tap is designed to stop water from cold inside the pipe or shutoff and also harm it. It does this with means of a lengthy shutoff stem that gets to inside the residence where it stays cozy, and also a self-draining style that prevents water from gathering in the tap, where it can freeze. Despite this, it is possible for a frost-free tap to freeze and burst in severe cold. These taps additionally can call for substitute simply due to the fact that they wear.

Replacing most frost-free faucets generally involves just shutting down the water, unscrewing the old faucet, and also screwing on the brand-new one. If your old tap is soldered in place, you may have to work with a plumber for the job, or you can remove the supply pipeline behind the firm installation and install a brand-new faucet that utilizes a push-in installation (SharkBite is one brand of this sort of tap). The task can likewise be a little extra difficult if you are eliminating a standard tap to install a brand-new frost-free model.

Be sure to buy a new faucet that coincides dimension as the original. Gauging the length of the old tap can be tricky since it runs through the wall surface. It is often simpler to get rid of the old tap and also bring it with you to the store for a perfect suit. See More:

How to Change an Outdoor Tap

Exactly How to Change an Outdoor Tap with a Frost-Proof Sillcock

1. From inside the basement, make use of a tubing cutter to reduce the cold-water pipeline bring about the old sillcock. Make use of a container to capture any water that drains pipes from the cut pipeline.

2. From outside your house, take out and dispose of the old sillcock.

3. Cover Teflon tape around the male threads at the end of a brand-new frost-proof sillcock.

4. Thread a copper adapter onto completion of the sillcock; tighten with a wrench. 5. From outside, insert the frost-proof sillcock right into the hole in the structure wall surface.

6. Hold the sillcock versus the structure as well as mark the mounting-screw locations.

7. On each mark, pierce a screw opening right into the foundation with a masonry drill bit.

8. Apply minimal-expanding foam insulation around the hole and afterward slide the frost-proof sillcock into place.

9. Fasten the sillcock to the structure wall surface with stonework screws.

10. Use a wrench to unscrew as well as remove the stem from the sillcock.

11. From inside the cellar, use emery fabric to cleanse the completion of the water-supply pipeline.

12. Using tubing cutter to cut a piece of copper pipe to prolong from the copper adapter on sillcock to end of the water-supply pipe.

13. Apply flux throughout of the item of copper pipeline.

14. Then, slide a combining onto the pipe and also insert it in between the adapter on completion of the sillcock and also completion of the water-supply pipeline.

15. Solder the pipeline and also combining to the adapter as well as water-supply pipe.

16. Go outdoors as well as reinstall the stem right into the sillcock; tighten with a wrench.

17. Switch on the water and inspect your work. More:

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