How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets

How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets

Removing kitchen cabinets is a necessary part of a kitchen renovation.Removing kitchen cabinets may seem like a threatening work. Are you searching for how to remove kitchen cabinets , but you have not enough time or account for a total renovation? Surely, here is an easy way to arrange your own kitchen look without breaking the deposit-removing and replacing your own cabinets.

While taking the place of the Cabinets can be something that you are very comfortable with, replacing them is something that is an easy way if you have the time to click it out. All ways are a few nice things with their own pry bar and some are careful to stay away from damage to their own countertops and floor. Knock a step in the chart below to spring to where one needs help, or study on to start at the early.

Here are some basic steps and simple ways for removing kitchen cabinets.


Store Tools:

We need to get rid of our own cabinets that are seen in our basic toolbox. It is said that you may get your own project started, you can agree without taking to the home development store for necessary elements.

Proper Area;

There are few things you need to do before the turns start coming out. It will help keep the area nice and clean and arranged as you do. Nit and clean everything from the countertops. Stop utilities to the kitchen. Zero out your cabinets

Take Apart Cabinet Fixtures

It is high time to take apart the cabinet. Take anything that could or get in the way when you begin removing the body of the cabinets. This includes.

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Doors: It is an important part of the kitchen. Stand the bracket from the cabinet body.

Shelves: Simply lift the shelf from the support peg.

Doors and Drawers

Floor cabinets usually have drawers in exchange for shelves. Empty the drawers before transferring them. There are several types of drawers. When one person wants to remove kitchen cabinets, the simple things to start with are the doors and the drawers.

Use a screwdriver for removing the grips from the doors. You may also use a drill, which is much quickie. To set the doors to one side and look inside the cabinets for finding out how the drawers are connected. Unscrew all quickenings and carry the drawers out. If you want to save any of the hardware for future use, pure everything and keep them in plastic bags.

Counters and shoe 

Appliance the countertops from both the up and beneath. Topside, cut through any put an end or mark between the countertop and the wall or back plump  with a utility knife. This will be helping you keep from pulling out shreds of plaster or paper facing from drywall when you pull out the counter.

After that, creep under the cabinets and transfer the screws located in the corner netting or corner blocks of the base cabinets that catch  the counter in place.

How to Make Kitchen Cabinets Shine

If necessary, get support and lift the countertop off the base cabinets and draw it outdoors. If you’re alone or the countertop is enough,either land the pieces  or get a recip adage and cut the counter into sections.

Utmostly, slice any base or shoe molding between the floor and the toe kick of the cabinet box.  


Balance the proper height and width of your new door with the height and width of the siding opening. You can have to wipe some siding details, and that’s lighter with some siding than others. Forfootstep, removing and replacing wood or concrete siding elements claims a different skill set from what is necessary for vinyl or plaster. And this will help  you get an idea of what, if anything, you need to buy front  time to repair the siding. With any fate, the door will fit .  

Prime and Draw

Draw the ceiling using a roller with a breadth attachment. Flat or matte closures will hide unfulness so they are most often used for ceilings. Ceiling paint is made to roll on with the lowest spread and will defend yellowing over time. There are a large number of options on how to remove Kitchen Cabinets. One of them  is a color option, but white is a popular ceiling colour as it gleams light into a room.

Remove Exterior Elements

Tinker– Use a utility knife to cut away any tinker connecting the cabinets to the wall or exterior elements like crop. This will help you assuage damage when destroyed. You should also do this if you have any old draw connecting the cabinet and wall.

Form/Crop– If you aren’t trying to save the forming, you may use a hammer to peg a pry bar beneath the crop and then pull it away from the cabinetry.

Separate a Cabinet from Each Other

After removing all the kitchen tools, countertop, and cabinet lighting from the kitchen, you have to  separate the cabinets from each other. Cabinets are joint and abandoned on the walls. Separating the cabinets from  others by locating and unscrewing the spire on the inside wall. Using a driver or electric drill to loosen the spires and remove them on each cabinet side.

How To Make Kitchen Cabinets Shine

Unscrew the Last Spire

The final  step to do is to unscrew the end  screws. Asking  for a friend to hold the cabinet when you want to free  the last screws from the bottom of the cabinet. Once you undo the top and side screws and remove them, the cabinet can fall easily. Making sure your friend holds the cabinet tightly so it can not fall and break apart.

These are the following ways on how to remove kitchen cabinets. Follow all the injunction carefully before doing it by yourself. If you are not clear, it is advised to call an occupational therapist to remove the kitchen cabinet.

Start with the Base Cabinets

Before we have to take  to the actual process of removing each personal cabinet, it is necessary  to mark out that it is easiest if you start by removing the base cabinets first. Since they are the facility to enter, removing them first will open up the base and make it easier for you to attain the wall cabinets without having to lean over the base cabinets. If you have any big cabinets, leave those for last. 

For upper cabinets, you need at minimum two men to remove the cabinets without destroying them if that is your gain. Most of the steps are the same as the ones for the lower cabinets. When it is high time to remove kitchen cabinets from the wall, have at least one man hold them in place while you take out the screws and/or nails. This should be done after you have removed the lower cabinet so you have a lot of  room to work.


Continue working safely as you move forward. Put  your gloves and sunglasses on, and hold the cabinets tightly so you don’t drop them.

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