How to Refinish a Dining Room Table

How to Refinish a Dining Room Table

Now this is not really a project that I was looking forward to or that I really even want to do it all. I’d rather just build a new one but my schedule does not allow for that kind of project at the moment. I just can’t quite squeeze the time needed to build a new table. I will be doing that in the future at some point because I definitely want to do it but this old table is in really bad shape. I have no idea what kind of how to refinish a a dining room table on this thing but it is peeling up and coming off and it’s really in bad shape. I got a dress this is not really a high quality table at all it’s fairly cheaply made but it serves its purpose at the moment until I get a chance to build a new one someone to see if I can clean up this finish and get it looking a little bit better and at least get a little bit more life out of it this  by no means a build video or a difficult process but since it’s something that I’m working on I figured.

 I’d take you guys along for the ride so let’s jump right in I’m just goanna attack this project with my random orbit sander with some heavy grip paper I’m not gonna do anything with the legs at this moment the goal here is to just get a little bit more usable life out of this table until. I get a chance to build one much nicer I’m gonna remove the bulk of the finish with a heavy grit paper and then. I’ll work up to 220 boy I’ll tell you what I greatly underestimated the amount of time it was gonna take to sand this top down I really thought.

It would take maybe only about 10 15 minutes to get it sanded down smooth and then a little bit of hand sanding and I can move on to the finish it took me almost an hour and a half to get this top sanded down. I don’t know what that finish was but it really didn’t want to come off even. Though it was chipping and peeling it took a long time so I’m just gonna hand sanding these edges and we can move on with the finish I’m trying to use up stuff. I have already around the shop so that don’t have to make a trip to the store I have some of this stain and polyurethane that I use them on a previous project I think I’ve got plenty in here to use up on this but I believe that this shade on this is just a little bit too light so before I apply that.

 I’ve got a little bit of light stain. I’m gonna apply a coat of that first I’m just gonna use a paper towel to wipe on a coat of this light stain hopefully this will bring the color of the polyurethane down to where it matches a little bit better then I’ll just make sure the polyurethane is mixed up and brush it on with a foam brush.

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 I’ve got whole pack of these foam brushes so I thought this would be a good opportunity to use up some of them once. I have the whole table coated with the poly I like to go back with long strokes across the entire surface this helps give the finish a more uniform look across the entire piece next I’ll sand it lightly with some steel wool I’ll wipe it down and then apply a couple of more coats of poly.

So I’ve got three coats of the polyurethane on the tabletop now I’m gonna apply what is I hope the last coat I’m not building up a super thick finish on this project because I don’t really plan on polishing it out or anything like that I just want it nice and smooth in order to get it nice and smooth. I’m gonna sand it with some 220 now in a lot of projects. I would probably do this step by hand because I feel like you have a little bit more control and less risk of burning through the finish for this project. I’m just a little bit impatient so I’m going right at it with my random orbit sander.

For the last coat I’m gonna thin this polyurethane a little bit. I don’t have a whole lot left in this can so I’m gonna use the can itself to mix this up I’m just gonna dump in a little bit of mineral spirits definitely nothing scientific here you can get scientific and do it two to one or two to whatever its kind of ratio of ratio you want to do but for me. I’m just dumping a little bit in here mixing it up and we’re rolling with it.

Basically I’m just making a wipe-on poly. Normally I would use a rag for wipe on polyurethane but in this case I think a foam brush will work fine. Once the finish is dried the last thing I’m gonna do is tighten up the brackets on the legs you can also see here. This table was assembled with picket holes from whatever factory it was made in so here’s my finished tabletop everything is dry. I can finally get this thing moved inside. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out it has a much higher quality feel than what I had before even though it’s an inexpensive table it definitely feels a lot higher quality just having a good finish on the top. How To Clean Sticky Wood Kitchen Cabinets.

It’s a hundred percent perfect no it’s not could I have filled the grain and gotten a little better results yes. I could have but it’s a bazillion times better than what it was before so that wraps up my quick table refinish man it’s gonna be really nice to actually have a table back in the house and not have to eat on a coffee table. I’m looking forward to that one other thing that you can do with something like this is maybe you find something at a garage sale and you can refinish it and have a nice inexpensive piece to put in your house or maybe you want to turn around and try to sell it make a couple of bucks it’s something that can be done you find tables like this all the time at yard sales just gotta get out there and hit them and see what you can find thanks.

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