How To Recover Dining Room Chair

How To Recover Dining Room Chair

Update a collection of dining-room chairs by re-covering the cushions with a fashionable brand-new fabric.Remove the seat pillow from the chair frame making use of a screwdriver. After that, get rid of the original fabric from the padding by eliminating the staples. Get rid of the old foam from the seat.
Step : 1 Cut New Foam
Utilizing the seat as a template, trace for a new item of foam with a short-term fabric pen. Cut the foam making use of an energy knife.
Step : 2 Cut New Textile
Place your foam and seat on top of your new textile. Making use of a temporary textile pen, trace a line three inches out from the seat and also pillow. Cut the fabric along the line.
Step : 3 Cut and Affix Batting
Utilize your new fabric intermediary as a design template to cut the brand-new batting (Image 1). Affix the batting to the seat making use of a staple gun. Draw the batting tight to the seat as you go. Cut the excess batting along the external edge of the staple line
Step : 4 Affix Fabric
Next, attach the material similarly. Pull the fabric taut to the seat as well as staple it into place. Draw the material snugly around curved corners to eliminate tucks on the top side of the pillow.
Step : 5 Reattach Seat Padding to Chair Structure
Now that your seat cover is completely re-covered, reattach to the chair framework utilizing the original equipment. And also there you have it! An attractive brand-new chair for next to nothing.

Step : 6 Gather Supplies as well as Get Rid Of Seat Pillow
Remove seat cushion from chair structure and initial fabric from cushion. Pointer: When choosing the new material, choose one that collaborates with the decoration of your dining room.
7Cut Lining
Location seat structure with pillow side face down on cellular lining. Trace three inches out from edge of pillow around entire frame making use of momentary textile pen. Cut along line.

8Attach cellular lining to framework making use of staple gun. Begin by stapling lining to frame at facility factor of each side, and afterwards at each corner, pulling textile tautly around framework. After sides and edges are stapled in place, continue securing lining to structure by working from facility indicate edge.
9Trim Cellular lining
Cut excess material along outer edge of staple line.
10Cut Fabric
Location lined seat framework face down on textile. Trace three inches of edge of pillow around entire structure utilizing short-term material pen. Cut along line. Pointer: If using a patterned material, appropriately place the style on the seat padding.
11Staple Textile to Cushion Framework
Affix textile to framework using staple weapon. Begin by stapling fabric to frame at the center factor of each side, and then at each corner, drawing textile tautly 12Attach Fabric at Corners
After sides and corners are stapled in place, continue safeguarding fabric to structure by working from facility point to each edge. Pull textile snuggly around curved corners to remove tucks on top side of padding.
13 Reattach Seat Padding to Chair Framework
After seat pillow is covered with new fabric, reattach to chair framework utilizing original hardware.

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