how to install crown molding on kitchen cabinets

How To Install Crown Molding On Kitchen Cabinets

1. Measure Around the Wall surfaces
Pro Idea
Take your time and also procedure meticulously. Crown molding can be difficult if you relocate too quickly.

Cuts are made while crown molding is upside down. Check the fit around each edge first prior to mounting.
Action along cabinet sides and around walls to obtain the length of each item.

2. Cut the Molding with the Miter Saw
Change the miter attended cut at the correct 45-degree angle taking into account when reducing that, given that the molding is being held upside-down, that the “bottom” of the molding is really the top.

3. Hold the Miter Saw ‘In Position’
Hold the molding “ready” on the miter saw. “Ready” implies the molding is at the angle at which it will certainly be set up; the sides ought to be flush with all-time low and also fencing of the miter saw.

4. Produce a 90-Degree Angle
After very carefully making the cut, comply with the very same actions to obtain the following piece. Make certain that the items fit together and also create a 90-degree angle.

5. Secure the Crown Molding
When mounting on a wall surface, utilize the pneumatic nailer to protect the crown molding at the wall studs.

Note: When installing the top of a cabinet, room the finish nails concerning 12 to 16 inches apart.

6. Fill out the Toenail Divots and also Joints
Caulking can be utilized to fill in the nail divots and fill out the joints of the molding.

7. Affix 2x4s
Action behind the front stile of your cabinet, and also reduced a 2×4 to fit this length. Secure it in place behind the stile utilizing construction adhesive and a nail weapon. With the front 2×4 in position, gauge the length behind the side stiles of your cabinets. Cut two pieces of 2×4 to fit behind the side stiles. Glue and also toenail the sides right into place.

8. Connect 1x4s
Cut a piece of 1×4 to the length of the front of your cupboard. Glue and also nail it to the 2×4. Measure and also reduced two more pieces of 1×4 for the sides of the closet, as well as adhesive and nail them to the side item of the 2×4.

9. Cut a 45-Degree Angle
Action the length of the side of the closet. Cut a 45-degree angle right into an item of wall so the size from the undersurface of the 45-degree cut to the level end of the wall coincides as the length of the side of the cupboard. Repeat this procedure with an additional item of wall and a 45-degree angle for the opposite of the closet.

10. Cut Wall for Front of Cupboard
Measure the front of the cabinet. Take an item of baseboard that is longer than the front of the cupboard, as well as reduced a 45-degree angle off one side. Measure out as well as mark this baseboard with the size of the front of your closet, beginning with the deepest part of the 45-degree cut. Cut a 45-degree angle off the opposite side, so the deepest part of the cut meets the mark simply made. The within the “V” made is the same size as the front of the cupboard.

11. Connect Side Parts
Dry fit the wall by holding the front piece and a side item versus the front and also side of the cabinet. See to it the pieces are with each other and also in position snugly. Make use of a pin nailer to nail into the corners of the two pieces. Glue this item to the 1×4, and accomplish into location along the top. Dry fit the last side item of baseboard, and also nail as well as glue it right into location.

12. Attach Crown Molding
Dry fit the crown molding by holding the front piece and a side piece against the front as well as side of the baseboard (Photo 1). See to it the pieces are together and in position comfortably. Make use of a pin nailer to toenail into the edges of the two pieces of crown molding (Picture 2). Making use of a nail weapon, nail the crown to the baseboard. Dry fit the final side item of crown molding, as well as accomplish into location.

13. Cut Crown Molding for Side of Cabinet
Action the length of the side items. Cut a 45-degree angle right into a piece of crown molding so the length from the inside of the cut to the end of the piece of molding equals the length of the side of the baseboard. Repeat this process with another piece of crown molding.

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