How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs

Developing an outside kitchen with metal studs can be among one of the most challenging DIY projects and you might find yourself standing among a pile of steel studs without an idea regarding what to do. Right here’s how to construct an exterior kitchen with steel studs to ensure that you can begin grilling in your backyard as well as arrange memorable barbecue parties that your loved ones will like.
When building an exterior cooking area, utilize top notch steel studs so that your outside cooking area is durable and also can last you a long period of time.

When you get your metal studs, it’s very tough to make any adjustments to the outside kitchen area you intend to develop. This is why you need to have your excellent exterior cooking area planned prior to you even begin buying the materials to build it.

Document the dimensions of all the cooking area products you intend to take into your outdoor kitchen area. You can refer to hardware catalogs to get the dimensions if you have not purchased your kitchen products yet. You can use these dimensions to choose how many metal studs you require to get.

Tools Needed
You need a screw gun, clamps, chalk box, bolts, hammer drill, degree, steel cut-on saw as well as a plumb bob or a laser level. These things can be acquired or rented out from a specialized rental store.
How Many Steel Studs Are Required?
When you’re identifying just how to construct an exterior cooking area with metal studs, one vital step is to assess the variety of studs you need for your task. Commonly you require to make use of one stud every 12 inches to develop the walls of your structure. You might likewise need tracks for some parts of the building and also these are the horizontal parts on top and also bottom of your structure.

Developing the Outdoor Kitchen
Once you’ve obtained all the metal studs as well as tools you need, it’s time to roll up the sleeves as well as reach work. Here are the steps you need to understand to construct your outside kitchen area.

Set the composite boards and also tracks
Put down the composite boards in the form of your intended outdoor cooking area so that you have a recommendation when building. These boards can additionally maintain your structure constant and reduce damage to your steel studs
Set the lower tracks around your composite board as you accumulate the lower part of the structure. These tracks require to be able to hold the weight of your outside kitchen area. You can let the tracks overlap by 6 inches for the longer, straight tracks to guarantee stability. For the edges, squash the side flange of the track and let the other track slide right into its location if they overlap.

Screw the Tracks

Your tracks might feature openings to make it easy for you to secure them with screws, especially if they were in a set with your metal studs. If they do not, you will need to pierce the holes in to make certain the screws can fit in your studs as well as your tracks.

Plumb the Tracks

It’s important to plumb the tracks to ensure you have an also top as well as lower surface for your kitchen area to maintain it secure. You can use a plumb bob or a laser degree. If you are making use of a laser level, location it in the middle of the lower track.

Cut the Steel Studs
Cutting the steel studs assists guarantee that they fit well with the tracks. Bend one flange of the stud as well as suffice with air travel cuts, while using durable gloves to shield your hands. Make sure you cut the studs from the exact same end if you are intending to add pipes or electric installations. You can likewise utilize a miter saw if you wish to reduce more than one metal stud at the same time.

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